OSCA x Propel: Global Opportunities for Africans

OSCA x Propel: Global Opportunities for Africans

Our goal at Open Source Community Africa is to educate and help African tech talents get started with open-source in different ways while maximizing the opportunities available to grow their respective careers. The entire community we're building is to ensure we uphold this goal and build the Next Billion Creators. To further support our community, we have teamed up with friends from Propel to provide access to work opportunities across the globe in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Today we're excited to announce this partnership and share what this means for our community and how YOU can benefit from it. Also, there's a special gift at the end of this article, so ensure to read it till the end. Now, let's get into it!

Introducing Propel

Propel connects African tech talent (software engineers, product designers, data engineers, etc.) to the best global opportunities through their community-powered ecosystem. By partnering with communities like OSCA, their dream is to make Africa the most sought-after continent for tech talent, one success story at a time. Propel takes a collaborative approach to their hiring partnership and offers value to members of OSCA in numerous ways, including:

  • Matching community members to jobs with companies across Europe, the UK, and the USA.
  • Providing special perks and deal offerings for the community.
  • Providing discounts and best deals on health insurance, lifestyle products, health services, co-working spaces, courses, etc.
  • Providing exclusive financial benefits, including credit and loans.

With this new partnership, members of OSCA will access top job vacancies with fast-growing global companies like Mercedez, Farfetch, Siemens, and much more.

Getting Started

⚠️ You can now easily access all the job and perks opportunities by joining the OSCA's Propel Community.

You need to join Propel's Talent Pool to get started. This is the first step to accessing potential job vacancies and getting job offers. The process of joining the Talent Pool is quite simple; you will fill out the Talent Form (which takes about 3 minutes), including all necessary details (like portfolio links, resume, work preferences, community name (ensure to select OSCA (Open Source Community AF) here, etc.). Once you join the pool, Propel's talent scouts will reach out to you with the next steps on matching and everything else.

While filling out the talent form, you're expected to submit a link to an optional two-minute video introducing yourself and your professional background to date. While this is optional, candidates with a video entry have a better chance of getting matched to global opportunities as the video allows them to evaluate your technical and soft skills. If you need help with this or someone to review your video, you can send a message in the #chat-room or #i-need-help channels on Discord.

Accessing the Perks

To access the perks mentioned earlier, kindly visit this website to explore the available perks, select the one of your choosing, and redeem them.

Screenshot of Propel's deals web page


As a community, we intend to help integrate the art of open source contribution into the African tech ecosystem while strongly advocating for the adoption of open-source technologies and supporting the community with opportunities like these. As promised earlier, here is the special gift:

We hope this partnership brings more opportunities closer to you as you continue to build and contribute to the open-source ecosystem in Africa. Thank you for reading, and stay safe! 🧡