OSCA x Google Summer of Code 2024 Webinar

OSCA x Google Summer of Code 2024 Webinar

In case you missed it, you can rewatch the complete session here:

Over the last 19 years, Google Summer of Code (GSoC) has enabled more than 19,000 GSoC contributors from 116 countries to work with over 850 open source projects and produce millions of lines of code since its inception in 2005. The GSoC program aims to:

  • Inspire developers to begin participating in open source development.

  • Help open source projects bring in new, excited developers into their communities who stay long after their GSoC ends.

  • Give new developers exposure to real-world software development scenarios (e.g., testing, version control, software licensing, distributed development, etc.).

  • Create more open source code for all.

Programming online from home, GSoC contributors spend 12+ weeks on their projects, earning stipends upon completing their milestones. Volunteer mentors help GSoC contributors plan their time, answer questions, and provide guidance on best practices, project-specific tools, and community norms while helping integrate GSoC contributors into their communities. GSoC contributors receive an invaluable learning experience, an introduction to the global open source community, and something that potential employers love to see on resumes!

The GSoC contributor applications open March 18 - April 2 at 18:00 UTC. Reaching out to mentoring organizations now significantly increases your chances of being accepted. Join us next week (27/02/2024 at 05:00 PM GMT+1) in a virtual webinar where you can learn more about Google Summer of Code and how to get started from the Program Manager of Google Summer of Code, Stephanie Taylor.

You should visit this website for full details on the requirements for GSoC participation, program rules, and general information. Next, RSVP to join the webinar (you can ask any questions you have in advance in the form), and click the "Notify me" button in the live stream link below to receive a reminder when it's time.

See you soon!