Community Webinar: Q/A With Segun Adebayo

Community Webinar: Q/A With Segun Adebayo

Watch the live recording:

Join us for another community webinar with one of our own Segun Adebayo, where we get to talk all about open source and more open source!! Segun is the creator of Chakra UI, an award-winning React component library that has over 2.4M downloads per month. He’s also the author of several ground-breaking open source projects like Panda CSS, Zag.js, and Ark UI. Segun is a firm believer in open-source and is excited about building tools that bridge the gap between design and code.

In this live webinar you get to hear us talk about:

  • Segun's career background and journey into full-time open-source.

  • His experiences contributing to and maintaining multiple open-source projects.

  • How he has sustained all his projects in the past years.

  • How to build usable open-source projects for consumers.

  • How to monetize your open-source projects.

  • And lot's more!

Kindly, RSVP here to join the webinar and ask any questions you have in advance. Also ensure to click the "Notify me" button in the live stream link below to receive a reminder when it's time.

See you soon!