Announcing the Open Source Challenge 2021

Announcing the Open Source Challenge 2021

Open Source Software (OSS) is software whose source code or documentation, or designs are made available for use, modification, or enhancement by anyone in the world. Did you notice that it says "anyone in the world" and not "only software engineers"? That's because anybody, including you, can contribute to an open-source project.

Contributing to Open Source Software is a catalyst for growth; it can open you up to many opportunities like personal career growth, technical experience, a job or paid gig, and connections with people doing amazing things all over the world.

We want you to become better at contributing to open-source and enjoy its many benefits. Hence we created the Open Source Challenge aimed at supporting you to contribute to open-source projects 🔥.

The Open Source Challenge by OSCA

The Open Source Challenge 2021 aims to support the tech ecosystem in Africa to contribute to open source projects. Each participant records open source contributions made by submitting links to merged pull requests. At the end of the challenge, the top 20 contributors get rewarded with internet data to support their learning/work and a digital certificate that they can add to their collection or resume.

We'll be hosting a webinar about the challenge on August 14th, 2021, to kick-start the challenge. Kindly register to attend the webinar here. Come learn more about the challenge and ask us any questions.

Why you should participate in this challenge

There are so many benefits of contributing to OSS. But here are some of the core benefits:

  • You will improve your skills by working on real-life projects.
  • You’ll increase your chances of getting accepted into paid OSS programs like Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, Google Season of Docs, etc.
  • You will expand your network and get to meet more open-source enthusiasts in the OSCA community.
  • You can get recommendations and referrals.
  • You gain access to future opportunities.
  • You get the chance to win amazing prizes 😉.

How to participate?

  • Register to participate in the challenge by filling out this form.
  • Join the introductory webinar on August 14th, 2021, by registering here.
  • Join the OSCA Discord server and interact with other community members in the #open-source-challenge-2021 channel.
  • Check out the open-source-challenge-2021 GitHub repository to find helpful guides and resources to help you get started.
  • Contribute to any open-source project of your choice.
  • Upon completion of the challenge, write an article about your experience and what you learned.
  • Submit the article and links to merged pull requests by filling out this form.
  • Winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded.

You should take note of these dates!

  1. 16th August 2021 - The challenge begins.
  2. 6th September 2021 - The challenge ends.
  3. Early September 2021 - The 20 successful participants will be rewarded.


At Open Source Community Africa, our sole aim is to increase the rate of credible contributions by African software developers, designers, writers, and everyone involved in the sphere of technology to open source projects both locally and globally. At the end of this challenge, we hope to change the perception of Africans from just the billion users to the NEXT BILLION CREATORS.

And the challenge begins! 🤩

Announced by Edidiong and Bolaji for Open Souce Community Africa.