OSCAPH: Why Contribute to Open Source Recap

OSCAPH: Why Contribute to Open Source Recap

Open Source Community Africa is a community for open-source lovers, enthusiasts, advocates and experts within and across Africa with the sole aim of increasing the rate of credible contributions by African software developers, designers, writers and everyone involved in the sphere of technology to open source projects both locally and globally, changing the perception of Africans from just the billion users to the NEXT BILLION CREATORS.


It was a wonderful time at the Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) Port Harcourt, the event held on 6th July 2019 which took place at the Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub (KSIH).


Developers at the OSCA event: PH Edition

code brain.jpg

Brain Aboze and Emeka Boris

Peace Ojemeh (Perrie.me) a co-host of the event began with a keynote address to the attendees of the OSCA event.


Peace Ojemeh

OSCA is doing a great job enlightening folks on the importance and benefits of being part of open source, and how they can also make contributions to any open source community or project. As a community, we intend to help integrate the art of open source contribution into the African developer ecosystem whilst strongly advocating for the adoption of free and open-source technologies. To achieve this, we are building an inclusive environment to accommodate developers of all skill levels. Talks were given on how to incorporate designers into the Open Source Community, to improve design contributions to the African Tech Eco-System.

OPdesign 2.jpg

Designers brainstorming on how to contribute to open source

A Machine Learning Session was handled by Emeka Boris aka Data Knight. He spoke about Open Source Machine Learning tools such as Pytorch, Numpy, etc. He also talked about why and how to contribute to Open Source.

The bounty session cannot be forgotten. It was handled by an Open Collective Ambassador and developer — Oluwaseun Omoyajowo. Attendees contributed by claiming issues labelled OSCA and attempted to fix them after instructions were given by Oluwaseun. Bounties worth $100 and the 60 gift cards worth $25 each was awarded to developers, who fixed some of their @github issues).

bounty session.jpg

Bounty Session handled by Oluwaseun Omoyajowo

open collective.jpg

Bounty Session handled by Oluwaseun Omoyajowo

never old to learn.jpg

Learning is for the young at heart

A very big thanks to our hosts — Samson Goddy and Peace Ojemeh. OSCAPH was a blast. Thanks to everyone who attended.

OSCA Group photo.jpg

OSCA PH Attendees

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Open Source Community Africa, changing the perception of Africans from just the billion users to the NEXT BILLION CREATORS