Open Source Festival 2020: Updates and Highlights

Open Source Festival 2020: Updates and Highlights

Last year, we shared our dream of hosting the first-ever Open Source Festival in Africa with you, and we have since made tremendous progress with your support and excitement.

The Open Source Festival is a high profile event that would attract student delegates, developers, designers, and corporate organizations on a large scale with series of talks, workshops, and awareness of open-sourced developer tools. The maiden edition is going to be a forum for networking, discussions, and ideas proration around the latest happenings in technology as well as the growth of open source in Africa.

Through this festival, we intend to move Africans from just the billion users to the NEXT BILLION CREATORS.

Here are a few updates we have for you:

Sustain Africa Summit

With our partnership with sustainOSS, we're bringing the first Sustain Summit to Africa.

Sustain Summit is a one-day conversation for Open Source Software Sustainers. We would be talking about Sustainability - the sustainability of resources and the sustainability of its people.

The conversation around the comprehensive overview of how FOSS is developed, maintained, utilized, and providing a roadmap for solving the cultural, financial, and institutional issues among open source project maintainers continues to be the focus of Sustain. It will be expressing discussed at the #SustainAfrica summit at the Open Source Festival.

At the Sustain Africa summit, there would be no keynotes, talks, or sponsor demos. Your undivided attention will be required. Phones and laptops will not be used throughout, and you will be asked to put devices away if they are a distraction to you or anyone else, as facilitators take you through the journey of Open Source Sustainability.

Who should attend?

  • Maintainers who manage contributions and take responsibility for the quality and governance of their projects,
  • Contributors​ who contribute their time and experience to a project and
  • Consumers​ or users who utilize a project to achieve their own goals.
  • The sustainer​, the individual or organization that is concerned with the fragile state and future of highly-used and impactful open source projects.

Sustaining free and open-source software is more important than ever - and more realistic. We're gathering technologists, economists, maintainers, and hackers to discuss the New Hope for free and open-source software on a one day summit alongside the Open Source Festival.

Event Tickets

The long-awaited tickets are out now. Please get one here.

We have three (3) tiers of tickets with several benefits:

  • Standard ($5):
    This ticket gives access to the Open Source Festival
  • Buy1Give1 ($15):
    This ticket enables you to support our scholarship program, and it comes with cool swags as a way to show gratitude.
  • OSF + SustainAfrica ($30):
    This ticket gives you both access to Sustain Africa, and the Open Source Festival and swags are included on this ticket.

Some amazing humans from the community have sponsored tons of FREE tickets to support the community. Please tune into the #oscafest hashtag to get updates on the next ticket giveaways.

Event Website

We recently deployed a new version of our event website, and you can access it at It's also open-sourced, feel free to contribute here.

Event Speakers

A few weeks ago, we started announcing our amazing speakers on Twitter. You can now find all speakers on the speaker's page. Please hold tight as we are announcing more speakers daily.

Event Schedule

We have also started publishing our event schedule here, please check through to get a glimpse of the amazing sessions we would be having and select sessions you will be interested in.

Event Sponsors

We are non-profit and do not make money from our events. This event is made possible by the support of some amazing humans and organizations.

If you'll like to support this conference, please email or sponsor us through our Open Collective!

Travel Guide

If you are attending the festival from Lagos, Nigeria, or outside Nigeria, we have created a travel guide to assist you with all your preparations and bookings.

Scholarship Program

With the help of our sponsors, we can offer scholarships to those who may need an extra hand getting to OSCA FESTIVAL.

We are giving out grants by scholarships to help subsidize traveling costs. Kindly apply here

PS: You need to have a ticket to be eligible for this grant.

Call for Volunteers

We are putting together an amazing team of volunteers who would help with the variety of on-site operations, and the conference wouldn’t be such a success without them!

Volunteering is a great way to meet the community and learn about how to run an event. If you’re interested, please fill out the form

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