Open Source Festival 2020 is Upon Us 🎉

Open Source Festival 2020 is Upon Us 🎉

We thought about it, we envisioned it, we announced it, you bought the idea, you shared your excitement, we planned together, and now it's happening soon!! 🎉🎉


Last year, we shared our dream of hosting the first-ever Open Source Festival in Africa with you, and we have since made tremendous progress with your support and excitement.

The Open Source Festival is a high profile event that would attract student delegates, developers, designers, and corporate organizations on a large scale with series of talks, workshops, and awareness of open-sourced developer tools. The maiden edition is going to be a forum for networking, discussions, and ideas proration around the latest happenings in technology as well as the growth of open source in Africa.

Through this festival, we intend to move Africans from just the billion users to the NEXT BILLION CREATORS.

Here are a few grand updates we have for you:

Sustain Africa Summit

Sustain Summit is a one-day conversation for Open Source Software Sustainers. We would be talking about Sustainability - the sustainability of resources and the sustainability of its people.

At the Sustain Africa summit, there would be no keynotes, talks, or sponsor demos. Your undivided attention will be required. Phones and laptops will not be used throughout, and you will be asked to put devices away if they are a distraction to you or anyone else, as facilitators take you through the journey of Open Source Sustainability.

Read more about the event and agenda here:

Want to attend SustainAfrica but got no Sustain ticket? We have limited seats available, kindly find the application link in the Sustain Africa page.

Who should attend?

  • Maintainers who manage contributions and take responsibility for the quality and governance of their projects,
  • Contributors​ who contribute their time and experience to a project and
  • Consumers​ or users who utilize a project to achieve their own goals.
  • The sustainer​, the individual or organization that is concerned with the fragile state and future of highly-used and impactful open source projects.

Sustaining free and open-source software is more important than ever - and more realistic. We're gathering technologists, economists, maintainers, and hackers to discuss the New Hope for free and open-source software on a one day summit alongside the Open Source Festival.

Event Speakers

You can now find all the amazing speakers and their biography on the speaker's page.

Event Schedule

The event schedule is ready now. You can check to get a glimpse of the amazing sessions we would be having and enroll in sessions you will be interested in.

You can add sessions to your Sched (Enroll in sessions before it exceeds limit) by clicking the radio button beside the talk session card like so:


Each talk type is separated by colors; here's the color code to help you understand better:

  • Workshops - Green 🟢
  • Keynote speeches - Purple 🟣
  • Talks - Blue 🔵
  • Lightning talks - Orange 🟠


Workshops are now published on the schedule, kindly register now for your preferred workshop session as each workshop has limited space. Registration is done by adding the workshop to your Sched, as explained above.


  • You can register for more than ONE workshop, as long they are not occurring concurrently.
  • The Vue Vixen workshop and the I am Remarkable workshop are strictly for FEMALES.

Travel Guide

If you are attending the festival from Lagos, Nigeria, or outside Nigeria, we created a travel guide to assist you with all your preparations and bookings.

Check In

Please lookout for a final email from us tomorrow with a unique QRcode. Come along with this email as you'll be checked in with the QRcode. Ensure to leave your location early so you can arrive at the venue soon enough to check-in. Swags will be collected upon arrival.

Free Transportation

There will be free buses to convey attendees to the festival on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd February 2020.



  • IKEJA - Con Oil Service Station by Lasuth.
  • YABA - Presbyterian Church Yaba.
  • IKORODU - Benson(General Hospital Gate).

Buses will be at these locations as early as 6: 00 am and would leave their locations at 8:00 am prompt to the venue 🚀.

Discord Server

We have a new server to accommodate our global community, chapters, events, and programs. Ensure to join and invite others. Speaker slides, important updates, and support requests will be disseminated via this medium henceforth :).

Don't forget to Download Discord on your mobile and laptop devices for faster communication.

Open-source technologies are driving the future as the most widely adopted tools for building disruptive and innovative solutions to current global issues. Learn how to effectively contribute towards building the next generation of world-class solutions in Africa by joining an Open Source Community Africa Chapter nearest to you.